contact Visionarium Studios is a division of Oasis Media Productions, Inc.
The Exhbitition Network Work with Visionarium Visionarium Studios values excellence in all that we do. It’s our standard and our only goal. Whether we’re interacting with our customers or with each other to deliver our finest product, excellence at every level is our only goal. If you have a history of setting excellence as your benchmark, then we’d like to talk with you. Visionarium Studios has limited studio and freelance positions available.  We offer great flexibility, opportunities for creative expression, professional growth and deeper learning as well as artistic and creative challenges.  We periodically post notices about openings and opportunities. Some positions, even freelance positions, require special training and testing to ensure our standard is maintained. We welcome experienced creatives and nurture those eager to learn. To stay on top of upcoming opportunities and openings, please join us on facebook. Thanks again for your interest in working with us.